Turkish gunsmiths created a fully electric military armored car

Turkish gunsmiths created a fully electric military armored car

April 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to the electric power plant, the army armored car can “attack” almost silently. So far this is a prototype that has been developed to replace the outdated Akrep and Cobra models.

The Turkish company Otokar Otomotiv, engaged in the production of buses and military equipment, showed its new development – an electric army armored car with a machine gun. Light armored SUV was named Akrep II, which from Turkish means “Scorpion”. According to the developers, on one charge such an armored vehicle can cover a distance of up to 250 kilometers.

It is planned that over time, the prototype will be released in the series, replacing two Turkish armored cars at once – Akrep and Cobra.

The novelty, made in a modular scheme, boasts all-wheel drive. The manufacturer supplied the electric armored vehicle with mine protection, massive wheels, an automatic cannon and a machine gun. Technical details about their new development Turkish gunsmiths are still kept secret. It is only known that in the future Akrep II will receive a hybrid modification with a diesel engine. Both versions of the armored vehicle – electric and hybrid – will begin to produce as early as next year.