Turkey’s first Togg electric crossover awaits in 2022

Turkey’s first Togg electric crossover awaits in 2022

August 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new Togg brand is preparing to launch its electric crossover series. Germany will be the debut export market for the novelty.

Turkish electric car Togg may go on sale in 2022. Writes about this Handelsblatt. Recall that Turkey wants to establish car production in the country, it became known at the end of 2019.

The “firstborn” of the Turkish car industry was to be Togg. By the way, the first electrocross will reach dealers in 18 months. This term was announced by the general director of the young brand Gyurkan Caracas, who simultaneously noticed that their company is not afraid of global competition.

The Turks will export their electric car to different countries. The first market for the “green” novelty will be German. Next in line are Italy and France.

Recall that investments in Togg have already amounted to about 2.6 billion euros. It is planned that in the future the brand will present five electric vehicles.

The announced electric crossover can cover up to 500 kilometers without recharging. In general, 180 engineers worked on the new project at once. More specialists will start working at the assembly plant, which will be located not far from Istanbul – over 4 thousand people.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company Yudo Auto announced electric cars on a new platform. The Chinese are working on a new generation of smart modular platform. The first car with such an architecture is promised to be shown at the beginning of next year.