Tuning studio Steeda built its version of the Ford Bullitt Mustang

Tuning studio Steeda built its version of the Ford Bullitt Mustang

August 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Hardly a Ford Bullitt Mustang – a special edition of the cult car, which is dedicated to the no less famous Bullitt 1968 film, in the tuning package from the company from Steeda can boast an affordable price. It is known that the car will be released in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Ford Mustang Bullitt as before inspired by the eponymous film about the police officer Steve McQueen. The film was released in the distant 1968. Police lieutenant Bullitt (Steve McQueen) pursued criminals on the dark green Ford Mustang GT390. The new version of the Ford Mustang, which bears the name Bullitt, received a proprietary dark green exterior color, an original gearbox that copies the one that was in the film, as well as the Bullitt inscriptions on the back.

Now the guys from the tuning studio Steeda offer us an upgraded version of the Bullitt Mustang. Built with the participation of Steve McQueen’s son Chad McQueen, as well as the McQueen Racing team, the renewed Bullitt from Steeda comes with many new add-ons.


Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt now boasts an increased to 500 horsepower – a standard performance Bullitt from Ford, this figure is 480 hp. It is reported that for those buyers who crave a higher level of power, Steeda engineers can offer to install a supercharger, after which the maximum engine power will increase to an unthinkable 775 hp. At the moment there is no official data on how much money the guys from Steeda want for their “packages” of supplements.

Visually, Steady’s Steve McQueen Mustang looks almost the same as the original Ford Mustang GT390. The specialists of the tuning studio equipped the car with an aerodynamic “package”, which consists of a slightly updated front end, blinds appeared on the rear window, and Steve McQueen badges appeared on the rear of the body and in the salon. It is reported that each car comes with special stylized charms Steve McQueen.

The circulation of Bullitt Mustang from the company Steeda will be limited to 300 copies, the acceptance of orders is open in all Ford dealerships.