Tuning studio introduced the Nissan Skyline GT-R station wagon

Tuning studio introduced the Nissan Skyline GT-R station wagon

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The station wagon of the iconic sports car was designated Speed ​​Wagon. A car sold for $ 85,000

One of the many drawbacks of owning the Japanese Nissan GT-R supercar, whether it is the current generation model or its predecessors, is its practicality. A sports coupe with a 2 + 2 landing formula can offer a very small amount of free space for rear row passengers.

 This is understandable – the car was created in order to drive very quickly, and not in order to transport tall passengers. But what if we tell you that there is a one-time R33 Skyline GT-R station wagon?

 Tuning company Vistec R Imports put up for sale this unique Skyline GT-R model of 1995 at a price of 85,000 dollars. The car, which received the designation Speed ​​Wagon, is not like any other instance of the legendary sports car that we saw before.

The added roof does not make the car slower at all, as this particular car is said to have bypassed the Japanese Tsukaba highway in just 1 minute 04 seconds and 452 milliseconds, which is a very good indicator.

 This was made possible primarily thanks to 278 horsepower and 375 Nm of torque that a car engine can generate. The designers of the station wagon assure us that the car can cover 402 km in 11.89 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 305 km / h.

Other modifications to the Nissan Skyline GT-R in the body of a Speed ​​Wagon include an HKS turbine, a V-cam, an intercooler, a purge valve, a camshaft adjuster, a boost controller and a Blitz Nur-Spec silencer – all this can further improve its performance.

 Inside, the Skyline GT-R Speed ​​Wagon’s extra boot space is complemented by a Nardi steering wheel, Kenwood power steering and speakers, and four Recaro seats in the cabin. As already mentioned, Vistec R Imports sells this unique car.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the Nissan Skyline received a sporty and luxurious version. Sprint Concept and Deluxe Advanced 400R sedans will be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show.