Tuning Honda Civic Type R will cost the price of another car

Tuning Honda Civic Type R will cost the price of another car

July 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Mugen Motorsports court tuning studio officially unveiled its Honda Civic Type R revision project.

In January last year, the company showed a prototype of a modified version of the Honda Civic Type R at the Tokyo auto show. After 18 months, the company prepared a fully serial version of the hatchback.

The design of the car turned out to be very aggressive. In front, the novelty received a new splitter, air intakes of a different shape, as well as a new carbon fiber hood with ventilation slots. By the way, such a hood will cost Japanese customers the equivalent of $ 10,200.

Mugen also developed for the new 20-inch wheels with the original two-color pattern, a set of wide side skirts and new mirrors.

Behind there was a new lighting technology, a massive diffuser with a pair of tailpipes in the center and a huge adjustable wing. For a fiberglass wing alone, you will have to pay $ 9,307, but if you order it from carbon fiber, the price will be $ 13,296.

Inside, there was a steering wheel with leather trim and carbon inserts, Recaro “buckets” with Alcantara trim, a short-gear shift mechanism with an upgraded return spring, an aluminum gearbox lever, new floor mats and a Mugen engine start button.

The company also prepared a new oil filter, branded engine oil and brake pads for the model. Customers can personalize their Civic Type R as much as possible with a wide range of accessories and parts from Mugen Motorsports.