Tuners restored Ford Bronco 1973

Tuners restored Ford Bronco 1973

September 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Atelier Velocity Restorations has revived the 45-year-old American SUV, which was priced at more than the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG. The restimulators of tuners took about 1500 hours. It was completely disassembled, and then assembled anew with the replacement of all the main units and a new body. The cost of such a sample amounted to 229 000 dollars, writes the foreign portal Motor1.

Recovering a 45-year-old car process is quite time-consuming and time-consuming. For example, the masters from tuning studio Velocity Restorations took 300 hours to parse the machine, remove rust, create new metal parts and fit the body panels. And another 550 hours they spent on manual grinding and painting.

Next comes the longest recovery phase – assembly. To the bolt to the bolt. Elevator-suspension kit, new interior, new appliances, electrical wiring – all this takes much longer than it may seem. In total it took nine months to work.

Under the hood, experts installed a five-liter V8 Ford Racing engine, which works with a four-speed gearbox. Also it is equipped with reinforced bridges Dana 44, modernized exhaust system, modern braking system Wilwood and new headlights.

In addition to the machine itself, the client also receives weekly reports: what work was done and how long it took, and what details were used. Photos are also provided after the completion of each stage of work (for the time of restoring an SUV such photos are made in total about 600 pieces). It’s just an insane level of customer service!