Tuners remade new Hyundai Solaris adding power to it

December 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Tuners remade new Hyundai Solaris, equipping it with a turbocharged engine, the maximum rate of which is more than 410 horsepower.

Externally, the car has not received major changes, but the engine compartment is completely modernized.

To install the powerful Garret 3071R turbine, the designers had to move the filter, tank, battery, cooling system, vacuum lines and wiring. In place of the valves located plugs that allow you to close the hood.

The main feature of the equipment is the ability to pump air at 480 horsepower. In the end, it was possible to get no more than 400, since at this indicator the load on the nozzles is 100%, which means it is no longer possible, the project leaders explained. The strong unit was taken from BMW manufacturers, with the gearbox borrowed from Toyota vehicles.

Also for the converted version of the rack machine selected from the car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. To date, the work has been completed, but some improvements are required.