Tuners pumped Honda Monkey 125 motorcycle

Tuners pumped Honda Monkey 125 motorcycle

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tuners from K-Speed ​​pumped the low-hatching Honda Monkey 125 into a stylish and aggressive beast. The motorcycle acquired LED headlights and a redesigned overall.

Thailand’s K-Speed ​​Workshop has turned the Honda Monkey 125 into an aggressive beast. In society, it is believed that small-cab technology does not lend itself well to various kinds of tuning due to its weak small-cubic engines and the small size of the two-wheeled vehicle itself.

 The output was a rather interesting project that allows you to see motor vehicles, which are considered to be budget and weak in their capacity in a completely different way. The customized motorcycle has become even more aggressive than its factory version, largely due to the 14-inch wheels, which went to replace the standard 12-inch.


Even the fork and shock absorbers with a light aluminum pendulum were lost against the background of the subframe, which became even shorter, a new seat, a large casing of the fuel tank and a “plow”. Also, the customized motorcycle received excellent LED headlights.

Also, not so long ago there was information that the company Ultraviolette will soon introduce the “killer” of small-size bikes. The power of its motor is simply stunning, most likely it will compete with even more powerful motorcycles in terms of motor cubes.