Tuners have expanded the body of the Ferrari 488 GTB

Tuners have expanded the body of the Ferrari 488 GTB

July 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the representatives of the tuning company, more than 73,500 dollars and more than 3 months of time were spent on creating a new look for the sport car.

Ferrari 488 Pista – the most powerful version of the Italian car, is hardly the most stylish car, thought the guys from the famous tuning studio Misha Designs and began to develop their own package of improvements for this sports car. Let’s notice that several years ago, having presented own version of model 458 Italia, the tuner has shown, that can radically change appearance of the Italian horse.

It is reported that a specially designed for the sports car Ferrari aerodynamic body kit, were equipped with 2 copies of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

I must say that the cars look very harmonious with the Forgiato wheel rims. The version with white body color looks especially impressive. As for the installation of new body parts, according to the representatives of the tuning studio, all of them were installed using original factory fixing points. All elements of the new aerodynamic body kit are made of carbon fiber (aka carbon) and subjected to staining.

According to the official Internet resource Creative Bespoke, which is the company that sells tuned cars, Ferrari 488 GTB with Misha Designs can be bought for 378 000 dollars. The announcement says that these cars that drove a total of 944 kilometers received a carbon aerodynamic body kit from Misha Design for $ 40,000 or 2,530,600 rubles, and Forgiatio forged wheels with Pirelli tires worth $ 12,000 per set. Modernized Italian sports cars can boast a sports kit from the studio Mansory for $ 4,000 and the ability to paint the body in the proposed color – for this option you will need to pay $ 1,350.

Not so long ago, journalists of our online publication wrote that for the Italian sports car Lamborghini Aventador have developed an unusual tuning package.