Tuners from AC Schnitzer have added power to the crossover BMW X3 M

Tuners from AC Schnitzer have added power to the crossover BMW X3 M

January 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Now the car has caught up with the power of the “senior” crossover X5 M. In addition to the modifications with the engine, the car received a number of transformations.

Masters from the AC Schnitzer tuning studio presented a number of improvements for the “charged” crossover BMW X3 M Competition. The main modification touched the motor – recall that in the base the car has a 3.0-liter power unit. Due to work with the engine software settings, the car received an increase in power of 90 hp. and 100 Nm of torque. Now the output of the power unit has reached 600 hp. Note that the BMW X5 M crossover, on which a 4.4-liter engine is installed, has the same power. Experts also worked on the undercarriage of the car – the suspension was underestimated by 20-25 mm, which added more sporty appearance and improved handling.

 Note branded nameplates on the body, an increased rear wing on the tailgate, as well as the ability to choose 20- or 22-inch original wheels.

In the near future, the tuning studio AC Schnitzer is going to modernize the BMW X3 M with a 480-horsepower engine, and then improvements to the coupe-shaped X4 M will begin.

Earlier, BMW representatives made a statement that they would bring a prototype of the electric i4 to the Geneva motor show. It is expected that after entering the market, the car will be able to drive 600 km without recharging.