Tuner unveils BMW X3 M version for perfect drift

Tuner unveils BMW X3 M version for perfect drift

July 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This version of the high-performance Bavarian crossover has a rear-wheel drive mode, making the car well suited for drifting. So far, the tuner is testing a new feature.

Thanks to the manipulation of the electronic engine control unit, tuners can change much more than just the power of your car. Modern machines are almost completely controlled by computers – engines, transmissions, an infotainment system and security functions have come under their control. These computer systems “open the world” of opportunities for tuning. Take, for example, the high-performance crossover BMW X3 M, which now has rear-wheel drive mode thanks to the “smart settings” made by Mission Performance ateliers.

This is a fairly common occurrence when tuners add impressive power to turbocharged engines by modifying the configuration of the electronic control unit. Mission Performance allows owners of the X3 M to change their all-wheel drive crossover to a rear-wheel-drive “rocket” with one click of a toggle switch.

This new feature is currently under development, before the studio will universally implement it in different cars.

A similar mode, when all the torque is transmitted only to the rear axle of the car, is standardly offered in the “charged” BMW M5 and M8, however, it is not in the list of options for the X3 M.

The results are predictably surprising, since the compact X3 M can now easily spin along the road like a spinning top, while the front wheels are not involved.

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