Tuned SUV Ford Bronco rides 402 meters in 9 seconds

Tuned SUV Ford Bronco rides 402 meters in 9 seconds

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The tuner decided to very, very strongly transform his 1984 Ford Bronco SUV. After all the upgrades, the engine of the car can produce 1400 hp, and it takes 9 seconds to overcome 402 meters.

The iconic American SUV Ford Bronco is the vehicle that is perfect for overcoming even the most fierce off-road. But this car can hardly be used for high-speed races!

You are mistaken! enthusiast Robert Adamo decided to prove to everyone that the 1984 Bronco SUV could still compete for the title of one of the fastest SUVs. After all the work on a major modernization of the machine, she was able to overcome 402 meters (a quarter mile) in 9 seconds.

Initially, only a nitrous oxide cylinder was installed on the vehicle. But still, this was not enough for Mr. Adamo.

The ProCharger F2 centrifugal supercharger was used, driven by the MoTec M1 unit, which keeps all power under control so that the small Ford V8 motor does not tear to pieces. As a result, the maximum engine power was insane 1400 hp.

  This instance of the Bronco SUV was not only created for drag racing, but it could very well go on public roads. Yes, the 1400-strong hefty SUV in the general stream will look very impressive!

  In the end, I want to note that such tuning projects as the “mad” in every sense of the Ford Bronco are very interesting at the present time, when most tuners make not so dramatic changes in cars. What we usually observe is a “charged” BMW M3 with a different body kit and slightly modified power, or an SUV with additional ground clearance.

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