Tuned BMW i8 by 3D Design was presented in Tokyo

Tuned BMW i8 by 3D Design was presented in Tokyo

January 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

With the new program of external styling from 3D Design, the hybrid sports car BMW i8 looks more aggressive. On it and do not say that it demonstrates the minimum level of emissions of harmful substances.

Recently BMW i8 got easy facelift. Fortunately, for tuners, the main body panels have not changed their shapes. However, the Japanese tuning company 3D Design has decided to present its new program to refine the exterior of the hybrid at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Of the main features of the new aerodynamic package for the BMW i8 from 3D Design can be noted a large front splitter and a wide rear wing installed. All these parts are made of carbon fiber.

On the side, you can see the installed branded set of alloy wheels from 3D Design, whose pattern is not peculiar to hybrid BMW cars. They definitely look wider and more factory-set disks.

Separately, indicate a new carbon rear diffuser. A huge trapezoidal muffler tip in the style of the Lamborghini Aventador supercar, only smaller in size, appears at its center.