Trump scares giant duties on German cars. But the American will suffer!

Trump scares giant duties on German cars. But the American will suffer!

February 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Because of the fees, German cars can rise in price for Americans by 5 thousand dollars, but that’s not all! There are many dissenters …

If Donald Trump is really up to something, he achieves this by all means. So, besides the wall on the border with Mexico, he certainly wants to introduce higher duties for cars from EU countries. The US Department of Commerce has already handed Trump a report on car imports to the US from Europe, which says that German cars “threaten US national security.” Now the president has 90 days to make a decision on barrage duties. However, buyers, manufacturers and sellers in the United States oppose the idea of ​​raising duties: after all, then cars from Germany will rise in price by an average of 5 thousand dollars (!), And American-made cars – by 1.8 thousand dollars, due to the fact that parts for them come from the same Europe – Germany, France and Italy, reports the German TV channel Welt.

The European Union is going to respond adequately if the United States does decide on punitive duties. In addition, they do not accept the very formulation that German cars are “a threat to national security for the United States,” especially since many of them are even assembled there.

Thus, in the European Union they were nervous about new protective duties on European cars. This may hit Germany particularly hard, so the federal government continues to look for a solution to the problem at the negotiating table.

With the introduction of 25% duties, Trump wants to reduce the trade deficit and create new jobs in the country, but even in the USA they consider this prospect controversial. Experts warn that increasing fees may slow sales in the United States itself, which will ultimately jeopardize existing jobs. Representatives of the American auto parts industry say that special duties will become an additional burden for American companies and consumers. Also, the position of Trump, as usual, dissatisfied with the Congress. Last weekend at a security conference in Munich, usually very restrained, Angela Merkel said with irritation that the assessment to which the US Department of Commerce came was terrible for Germany. She does not understand how the United States can consider “German cars a threat to national security.”