Trump instructed to make cars cheaper and harder

Trump instructed to make cars cheaper and harder

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Authorities have already begun work on new industry standards

US President Donald Trump decided to fight old cars on the road by drastically reducing the cost of new ones. In addition, he spoke negatively about cars that were too light, which were unsafe in an accident.

Trump instructed the federal government to deliberately take measures that could reduce the cost of cars by 3.5 thousand dollars. According to the president, such a move will encourage citizens to buy new cars, rather than used ones.

During a speech at the White House, the US president said that cars are not only very expensive, but also not safe enough.

“They Californian authorities make their cars very light, like papier-mâché. Traffic accidents in these vehicles are extremely dangerous,” – Trump added.

The President emphasized that in the near future the federal authorities will prepare a number of amendments and announce new standards in the automotive industry. But details about them are not even in the official message of the White House.