Triumph will move most of its production to Thailand

Triumph will move most of its production to Thailand

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles will move the production of part of the lineup to Thailand. This will be the first case in the long history of a brand that has never before produced standard models abroad. In the UK, the company will continue to produce approximately 4,500 motorcycles a year at its Hinckley plant.

Hinckley plans to produce only premium motorcycles of the Triumph Factory Custom series and some other models (anniversary, special issues).

At the moment, they plan to transfer only 10% of production from the Hinckley factory to Thailand, that is, the process will be long. The transfer of production will naturally affect British workers. According to preliminary estimates, approximately 50 qualified specialists will lose their jobs.

Nick Blur, CEO of Triumph: “We are now preparing for the next wave of strategic development for Triumph. We want to maximize brand growth opportunities in the global market, especially in Asia. For this reason, we will concentrate all engineering and design work in the UK, and we will transfer mass production to Thailand. ”

Triumph plans to build a large research center in the UK, to hire even more employees who will be involved in the development of new models and more. It is reported that Triumph has already increased engineering potential by 40%, and investment in new models by 80%.