Triumph released a travel kit with a large set of accessories for Rocket 3

Triumph released a travel kit with a large set of accessories for Rocket 3

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company has developed a series of accessories to highlight the tourist opportunities of the model presented last month. If you are going on a long journey, pay attention to this whale.

In July, Triumph officially introduced 2020 Rocket 3 in two versions, which was a pleasant surprise for motorists and fans of the brand. Now she is releasing a nice addition in the form of Highway Inspiration Kit. It includes more than 50 accessories designed and tested while working on Rocket 3, and serves to increase the comfort and practicality of the cruiser.

 For greater individuality, ergonomics offer touring wheels, comfortable double saddles, passenger backs and tank covers.

To increase capacity, owners can add a magnetic 3.1-gallon tank bag or 2.4-gallon tail. For longer trips, you can attach a 5.3 gallon sports bag to the back of the bike. This is done using Triumph’s patented quick-release retractable fasteners.

 Safety accessories were developed in collaboration with Artago. If steering locks aren’t enough, a 120-decibel U-lock or dirt anchor can help. Given the number of motorcycle thefts in the UK, this may currently be the most pressing moment.

 Along with the practicality of the Highway kit, Triumph does not deprive it of stylish accessories. For example, such as LED indicators, side mirrors and a sports windshield.

Earlier during the Silverstone Grand Prix, the English company introduced the road version of the Daytona 765 with a modernized Moto2 engine.