Triumph Motorcycles recalls Speed ​​Twin 2019

Triumph Motorcycles recalls Speed ​​Twin 2019

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the United States recall 726 copies of a model of a city bike. The cause is called a problem with the radiator hose, reports Bikepost.

The Triumph company announced the recall of the new, or rather the revived Speed ​​Twin 2019 model (the original was first introduced in 1938) due to the incorrect installation direction of the cooling system hose. This problem can lead to contact with the exhaust manifold, which in turn can damage the hose and coolant leakage.

To solve this problem, the dealerships of the company will inspect and, if necessary, replace the appropriate hose. Can also change the installation.

 In the United States, 726 copies of a model produced at the same enterprise came under review. Owners of motorcycles from other countries are advised to contact their dealer for more information.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Indian company filed an application with the Patent Office to register a new Challenger brand.