Triumph company plans to revive the brand Trident

Triumph company plans to revive the brand Trident

March 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British manufacturer Triumph can revive one of the most important brands in its history. And we must admit that the modern market is ready for this. The Trident model played an important role in the 60s. Of course, the release of a modern counterpart should mark the introduction of new technologies, as far as possible for modern classics.

Half a century ago, Triumph released Trident, also known as BSA Rocket 3. The model was the first superbike of the British brand. The motorcycle was technically ready by 1965 and was supposed to steal the title of the first superbike in the world from Honda, but due to constant delays in production, the launch of the model took place in 1968. And while the British managed to swing the model, Honda CB750 Four already dominated the market. Trident forever remained in the shadow of the glory of the Japanese superbike.

Rumors have spread online that Triumph is going to return Trident to its lineup. The fact is that the British have registered a trademark in many areas, including motorcycles, components for motorcycles, and so on.

Some media write that Triumph Trident will be the beginning of a new era for the British manufacturer. This is an electric transmission …