Tritium Supercar Gets Unlimited Personalization Options

Tritium Supercar Gets Unlimited Personalization Options

March 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Finnish startup Tritium Automotive will launch an electric supercar in a small “series” that has unlimited personalization options. The novelty will be shown in June at the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco, and it will cost 1.1 million euros

The details of the Tritium project are currently kept secret. According to assumptions, light alloys and carbon fiber composites were used in the design of the machine.

A feature of the new items will be quick-detachable external panels to be replaced. Future owners are promised round-the-clock access to the warehouse of spare parts and an unprecedented personalization program, which involves the choice of design for each element of the exterior.

The power unit of the car will be 680 hp. The battery capacity is not disclosed, however, according to the Caradisiac portal, autonomy will be 300 km. In total, 11 copies of Tritium will be released, each of which will cost 1.1 million euros.