Transmission Ford GT was twice as expensive as the same at the Mercedes

Transmission Ford GT was twice as expensive as the same at the Mercedes

November 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Robotic gearbox Getrag of Ford GT supercar costs more than 30 thousand dollars

Journalists of the American edition of Road and Track found out the price of a gearbox in front of Getrag from the Ford GT mid-engined supercar. As it turned out, even considering the fact that the robotized 7DCL750 is placed on supercars of different brands, it was the Ford version that turned out to be the most expensive. Transmission is a third more expensive than a Ferrari, and almost twice as expensive as a Mercedes.

The Getrag 7DCL750 gearbox is a seven-speed robotized gearbox with two clutches, combined in the same housing with the main pair: such units are placed either on mid-engined vehicles with a longitudinal engine arrangement, or front-engined, in which the gearbox is retracted. The box is designed to work with “twisting” sports engines (up to 9500 revolutions per minute), the maximum input torque is up to 750 Nm.

In various versions, this gearbox is placed on mid-engine Ford GT, Ferrari 458 and 488, as well as front-engine Ferrari California and F12, Mercedes-Benz SLS and Mercedes-AMG GT. Between themselves, they differ in gear ratios and clutch cases.

But the cost of the box itself is different at times, depending on what brand it will be installed. As American journalists found out, the Ford box (part number HG7Z-7000-A) is the most expensive: it will cost the buyer $ 27,624. And this is – on condition of exchange for the old gearbox: otherwise, you will have to pay another five thousand dollars.

It is much more expensive than even a Ferrari: a gearbox from a 458 supercar with the number 263938 will cost only $ 22,186.

The AMG GT transmission under the Mercedes number A1902600500 costs $ 14,940. In addition, the client has the opportunity to save money if you purchase a factory-restored gearbox: it will cost $ 11,715.

The situation does not look too logical, if we take into account the usual premium for manufacturers for the “premium” brand. Road and Track journalists believe that the matter is in production volumes: Ferrari and Mercedes are produced in much larger circulations than the Ford GT – therefore, purchase prices are different. Only the 458th Ferrari model during production has sold about 15 thousand copies; Other models of the Italian company are equipped with the same gearbox. Mercedes only in 2017 sold more than four thousand sports cars of the AMG GT model.

At the same time, the Ford GT is assembled in tiny circulation – manually, without a conveyor belt – based on the Canadian engineering firm Multimatic. In 2017, only 138 cars were manufactured, and for the entire time, the production of the supercar should not exceed 1,500 pieces.