Traffic lights in Mumbai will be able to “punish” impatient drivers

Traffic lights in Mumbai will be able to “punish” impatient drivers

February 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This step is designed to provide greater calm on the roads and a more respectful attitude of road users to each other and to pedestrians.

In Mumbai, urban roads are being tested on an unusual system today. Traffic lights in the city will become “smart” – if at the intersection the drivers start to signal strongly and continuously, then the wait for the green signal will be delayed. The principle of the system is based on noise sensors that are built into the traffic light. If the sound threshold is exceeded 85 decibels, the timer restarts and drivers will have to wait for the green signal again.

Thus, most drivers should stop randomly honking – this problem is very relevant for the Indian city today. Crossroads equipped with such a system have identification marks – at the entrance to them on the sign there is an inscription: “You signal more – you stand longer”.

Indian police believe that the measure should be effective, since proper behavior will not only save time, but also increase responsibility to other road users.

 Note that testing the system at one of the intersections has been ongoing for several months. If it is recognized as successful, another 10 such intersections will be commissioned, and then the system will be implemented in the whole city. It is expected that an innovative idea will help to slightly relieve the road – today Mumbai is in the TOP 5 of the busiest cities in the world. The only moment that is completely incomprehensible and which was left without comment is how traffic lights will react to ambulance signals, police and fire engines. Indeed, it is at intersections that they need to include not only a light, but also an audio signal.