Toyota’s global sales rebound 90% in July

Toyota’s global sales rebound 90% in July

August 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This spring, the automotive industry experienced perhaps one of the most severe crises in its history. The coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine measures introduced around the world have hit car makers hard. Now, many of them are beginning to gradually reanimate.

The automotive industry begins to gradually revive after the coronavirus pandemic: factories and car dealerships are operating normally, demand for cars is recovering, etc. So, faster than predicted, Toyota is recovering today.

Its sales in July are still showing negative dynamics (-12%) when compared with last year. However, in general, the Japanese are showing a good result: we are talking about a gradual recovery of sales at once by 90%.

The brand manages to gain points at the expense of the Chinese car market, where demand for Toyota cars grew in July – plus 19.1%. The latest statistics are published by the press service of the automaker. In the USA and Japan, sales of cars of the brand decreased by 19 and 17 percent, respectively, while in Europe they grew by 14.5%. Multidirectional growth in demand for Toyota products was also observed in June.

At the same time, foreign experts predict that from July to September, global sales of the Japanese brand will decline by 15 percent. From October to December, the decline will be lower – 5%. Toyota’s global sales may return to last year’s level as early as late 2020 – early next year.
As for the production of cars of the brand, in the last month it “sank” by 10.2%. This result is better than June, when the figure “minus” 24% was mentioned. So in this regard, the Japanese are actively recovering.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the new generation of the Toyota Tundra pickup will enter the market in 2021. Customers got acquainted with the first generation of the model back in 2006. The prototype of the next Toyota Tundra 2022 has already been “caught” in road tests.