Toyota won’t work on a more powerful version of the Yaris crossover

Toyota won’t work on a more powerful version of the Yaris crossover

November 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of their recent interview, Toyota representatives made it clear that the Yaris crossover will not receive a more powerful version, unlike the version of the model of the same name, in a hatchback body.

If earlier, Toyota Yaris was exclusively a hatchback, now, on the basis of this model, a crossover is also built. Not long ago, the Japanese automaker introduced a more powerful version of the Toyota Yaris hatchback. As representatives of the brand have repeatedly said, this car is inspired by the success of the Toyota team in the WRC class races.

Unfortunately, the Yaris Cross, which is based on the hatchback of the same name, will remain at standard power levels. The only thing he gets from the hot Yaris GR hatchback is a more aggressive look. This is what the foreign edition of managed to find out.

It’s worth noting that the Toyota team recently hit the rally world with the Yaris.

After Carlos Sainz Sr. and his Toyota Celica were able to win the championship, Ott Tanak won the 2019 WRC races while driving a Yaris.

Since the hot hatch has one of the most powerful three-cylinder engines available in a production car – 257 horsepower – Toyota says that the Yaris Cross crossover should not have such an engine. The Japanese automaker has made it clear that it wants to expand the GR range. However, the big question remains whether any of these cars will see the light of day in Russia.

“I don’t know of any plans for the GR Yaris Cross,” said Sean Hanley, head of sales and marketing for Toyota Australia. “We are delighted to introduce the high-performance GR Yaris hatchback next month.”

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