Toyota won’t sell its GR Super Sport hypercar to everyone

Toyota won’t sell its GR Super Sport hypercar to everyone

March 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese automaker Toyota has a pretty long list of questions for anyone who really wants to buy a road-going version of the GR Super Sport hypercar.

If you want to buy the Toyota GR Super Sport hypercar, which is shown as the representative of the new class of hypercars in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, you have to try. It’s worth noting that this is a less powerful version of Toyota’s racing hypercar that is allowed on public roads.This is because Toyota has a long questionnaire that people interested in buying must fill out. Based on the answer, a decision will be made whether to sell them a hypercar or not.

After Toyota specialists have all the necessary data about a potential buyer of a hypercar, the first thing they want to know is the powerful cars that the client owns.

The company’s specialists will count at least 10 cars, so the company seems to be looking for serious owners with experience of owning a truly sports car. Potential hypercar buyers will also be asked how much they drive these cars per year. Toyota then asks which sports car models you plan to buy in the future.

Then everything becomes concrete. Toyota asks if you currently own a Toyota 2000GT or Lexus LFA. Obviously, the company wants the GR Super Sport hypercar buyers to be fans of the brand’s most exclusive cars.

There are also many questions related to motorsport. Toyota wants to know how often you drive the track each year and if you have an FIA racing license. There is even a request for your level of professionalism in motorsport – there is even a question, “I am on a racing team.”

The last set of questions addresses specifically why you want to own a GR Super Sport.

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