Toyota wipers “teach” to make a weather forecast

Toyota wipers “teach” to make a weather forecast

November 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese brand continues to actively improve its cars, using the latest achievements of science. Now it’s the turn of the “janitors,” who, after the upgrade, will be able to detect precipitation more quickly than weather radars.

Starting today, November 1, Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi began testing special wipers that can provide weather data. Toyota has joined research on weather accuracy and forecasting. Developments in this area will help increase the safety of the driver and his passengers. For this, they are going to use WEATHERNEWS weather forecasts, as well as data on vehicles that Toyota plug-in cars will provide. During the experiment, the operational status of Toyota car wipers, which will be moved in three selected regions, will be displayed in the form of a map and compared with actual weather data.

 Automobile wipers detect precipitation much faster than standard weather services radars. During the tests, the experts will examine the data on the wipers and the weather, in order to subsequently identify phenomena that may affect the work of the “wipers”.

 Problems with plug-in cars for this experiment should not be. The brand has been engaged in this work since last summer, when the new Crown and Corolla Sport were released. And in the future, the vast majority of passenger cars in the domestic market will be equipped with an integrated data transmission module.

 According to analysts, the number of accidents in rain is four times the number of accidents on sunny days. Hence the obvious benefit of timely rainfall detection. Conventional radars, when detecting and forecasting rainy areas, may miss rainfall caused by rain clouds in the lower troposphere or light drizzle. The gaps here will help fill up Toyota wipers.