Toyota will share its patents under the new licensing program

Toyota will share its patents under the new licensing program

December 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Just became aware of the launch of the new Toyota IP Solutions program. It implies the possibility of licensing the intellectual property of a company in several areas.

Toyota has decided to share some patent developments with other companies. To do this, a special Toyota IP Solutions licensing program was launched. So far, the Japanese have been offering technology in four key areas: multidirectional structural color, biologically active material, synthesis of nanomaterials, and thermal regulation of electronics. In the future, Toyota will seek to add more patent portfolios.

 The Toyota Omnidirection Structural Color portfolio is an innovative pigment formulation technology. They are able to reflect light of a specific wavelength, creating bright and deep colors at any angle.

 Bio-Active Cleaning Materials showcases rare enzyme formulations capable of destroying and processing organic materials. The synthesis of nanomaterials is a technology for the production of high-purity materials, from almost any chemical element or alloy. Electronics Thermal Management is one of the most important, and includes methods, strategies and technologies for controlling the temperature of electronics, including high-power and technological elements.

 Licensing of intellectual property allows the copyright holder, in this case Toyota, to allow the other party to use some or all of their intellectual property rights, while retaining ownership.

Meanwhile, the budget equivalent of the Toyota Tundra pickup appeared in a new design. The Chinese company ZX Auto is preparing the public premiere of the new version of the ZX Terralord pickup truck. Spy shots of future news on the eve hit the Web.