Toyota will repair 2.4 million hybrids

Toyota will repair 2.4 million hybrids

October 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company announced a massive recall of Prius and Auris cars, which have discovered the possibility of a malfunctioning hybrid system.

Toyota will recall 2.4 million hybrid vehicles. We are talking about cars Prius and Auris, which were released from October 2008 to November 2014. It is reported by Automotive News.

About 1.25 million cars will go to service in Japan, and another 830 thousand cars will be recalled to the United States. In addition, the action will affect 290 thousand hybrids sold on the European market. Finally, the review will get some cars sold in China, Africa and Australia.

In “Toyota” said that in “rare cases” because of a failure in the hybrid system, the car’s electronics can switch to the so-called “protective mode”, which will lead to a loss of power or turn off the power unit. The company claims that in Japan there was not a single accident registered due to this defect.

The last time, Toyota announced the mass recall of cars in September 2018. The service action touched the Prius and C-HR models, in which they discovered the risk of wiring wear in the power unit, which could lead to a short circuit and fire.