Toyota will release a new engine for the Yaris

Toyota will release a new engine for the Yaris

January 26, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese automaker Toyota announced the launch of a new engine for the hatchback Yaris. Atmospheric 1.5-liter engine replaced the 1.33-liter unit, making the compact model faster and more economical.

The new four-cylinder 12 horsepower more powerful than the former and develops 110 horsepower with 136 Nm of torque available from 4400 rpm. The hatchback accelerates from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in 11 seconds – 0.7 seconds faster than the 1.33-liter unit.

However, the technology used in the engine mode change from the Otto cycle to Atkinson cycle depending on the mode of movement and (the first models of Toyota) water-cooled exhaust manifold. This, as noted in the company, limiting the temperature of the exhaust gas, which eliminates the need for enriching the mixture to reduce combustion temperatures, which in turn positively affects the amount of pollutant emissions and fuel economy.

In Toyota said that the average cost of fuel compact model decreased by 12 percent. Specific figures in the company did not provide. Combined consumption of a hatchback with the old 1.33-liter engine is 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The assembly of the new engine for the Yaris carries the Polish factory Toyota.

In early 2017, the Japanese brand introduced its first over the past decade Hot Hatch, which served as the basis for the Yaris. All details about the new product not yet, but we know that the power of the engine (likely a 1.6-liter turbo engine) is more than 210 horsepower.

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