Toyota will launch autopilot on commercial vehicles

Toyota will launch autopilot on commercial vehicles

December 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota will first deploy its advanced autonomous driving features in commercial vehicles and then install them in its passenger cars.

According to James Kaffner, Head of Toyota Advanced Research Institute (TRI-AD), using autonomous driving technology for taxis and passenger vehicles will be easier because they do not require constant and direct human control.

The Japanese automaker will initially introduce autonomous technologies into cars operating in the service sector, mobile stores, and even ambulatory mobile centers where operators must be able to control the time and place of the maneuver, as well as monitor their service.

    “It will take longer for a personal car to reach Level 4. “Level 4” is what we strive to first appear in the field of mobility as a service, ”Kaffner explained, referring to the level of automation that allows cars to control themselves in certain conditions.

In the meantime, Toyota is releasing an autonomous level 2 model that can independently move along the highway. The company is clearly interested in a longer and more cautious approach to self-driving technologies and artificial intelligence, unlike some competitors who already sell cars that can independently drive a car on the highway – for example, Tesla.

Of course, the mere fact that a vehicle is capable of doing something on its own does not necessarily mean that it should. A significant example is the numerous accidents (some of which are fatal), which showed how difficult the situation is.