Toyota will launch an electric car to the European market in 2021

Toyota will launch an electric car to the European market in 2021

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company did not make a final decision regarding the model, but with high probability it will be a crossover or a minivan. In favor of the first, the almost finished electric version of the C-HR, which will be sold in China next year, speaks.

Toyota has never harbored particularly warm feelings for classic battery-powered electric cars, believing that hybrids are a more logical link in the chain of transition from a car with a conventional engine to a car on fuel cells. It is difficult to say what changed the company’s position: the tendency to develop electric cars or the realization that the mass hydrogen cars are still far away, but Toyota decides to seriously take on electric cars with batteries.

The company said that, in 2021, the first electric car will appear on the European market. The automaker does not hide that its cost will be quite high, so we will talk about the crossover or minivan. Such a choice may be in demand in European cities with tougher environmental requirements and driving conditions.

The main candidate for the role of the first electric car Toyota in Europe is C-HR, the electric version of which in 2020 should be released in the PRC. The development cost so much appreciated by a Japanese company may encourage it to adapt the Chinese version to Europe without extra cost.

At the same time, hybrids remain a priority for Toyota. Last year, the share of their sales in Europe reached half of the total, and in 2021, the company believes, will grow to 60%. Against this background, an electric car can play a formal role, supporting the company’s image. In addition, Toyota does not hide the fact that the benefit from the sale of electric cars at the moment is significantly lower than from conventional cars and hybrids.