Toyota will introduce new versions of the Tacoma pickup truck in Chicago?

Toyota will introduce new versions of the Tacoma pickup truck in Chicago?

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the Japanese automaker published a teaser for the upcoming auto show in Chicago (USA). The photo shows the wheel. Presumably, this is a new version of the mid-size Toyota Tacoma pickup.

The Chicago auto show will begin next week, and ahead of the event, Japanese Toyota has published an interesting teaser that hints at what it has prepared for this show. The automaker has released a single image of a black wheel with six protrusions. The car itself rushes over rough terrain.

Specifically, this is the wheel of a mid-size Toyota Tacoma pickup truck – another truck of the company, the Tundra model, has wheels with five protrusions.

It turns out that at the Chicago Motor Show, we want to introduce another off-road version of the Tacoma. Until now, the Japanese automaker has not given any details about what it can show in Chicago.

 The Japanese automaker previously offered Nightshade Edition versions for its models – for example, for the Corolla 2020 model year sedan and the 2019 4Runner SUV. It is possible that with its teaser, the company wanted to hint precisely at the version of Nightshade Edition for its Tacoma pickup. Usually, in this version, the car gets a lot of black body accents – like those black rims that are captured on a published teaser. .

 While Toyota has released only one image of the Tacoma wheel, the company can also offer new designs for its other models. After all, the Chicago auto show is a place where famous car manufacturers show their new crossovers, SUVs and trucks, as well as special versions of the aforementioned cars. Sometimes

 Toyota will show its mysterious new product next week. Toyota’s press conference is scheduled for Thursday, February 6th.