Toyota will develop new Crown and Mark X in conjunction with Mazda

Toyota will develop new Crown and Mark X in conjunction with Mazda

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese decided to join forces in the creation of two legendary models, as BMW and Toyota did when creating the Z4 and Supra, respectively.

The current version of Toyota Mark X was discontinued at the very end of last year and there was no talk of receivers. But with the Crown model, the situation is somewhat different – the car changed its generation in 2018, but its sales fell sharply. However, there is information that the automaker leaves no hope of resurrecting both cars, with the support of specialists from Mazda.

Note that Toyota and Mazda have already collaborated previously. So, Toyota Yaris, available in the USA, is a converted version of Mazda 2, and in 2017 the companies created a joint venture, after which Toyota took 5% of Mazda’s shares, while Mazda itself received a modest 0.25% stake.

However, the joint development of rear-wheel drive sedans is a much more complex task than re-hanging Toyota badges on a ready-made car. According to the publication BestCarWeb, Mazda will not only create a platform, but also a new in-line 6-cylinder gasoline unit. Moreover, even a diesel engine is mentioned.

However, Mazda specialists will have to work from scratch. Perhaps it is precisely the fact that both companies will not be able to produce rear-wheel drive sedans in volumes sufficient for the payback of the project, and combined these brands.

There is no information on the timing of the appearance of future new products. As well as technical specifications. But this is not surprising – the project is still in its infancy.