Toyota will definitely introduce a new generation of urban kid Aygo

Toyota will definitely introduce a new generation of urban kid Aygo

December 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the assurances of the representatives of the Japanese brand, a small car for the city – Toyota Aygo, is one of the most successful models of the company, in terms of sales. A new generation of the car will certainly be presented, but it is unlikely to happen before 2021 or even 2022.

Automakers are slowly starting to abandon their classic sedan, hatchback and station wagon models, as customers have recently preferred crossovers and SUVs to them. In addition, now the popularity of machines that are equipped with autonomous control systems, and are driven by powerful electric motors, is growing. But the Japanese company Toyota does not adhere to this trend.

According to Matt Harrison, who is executive vice president of Toyota Europe, the subcompact city model of the company, which received the Aygo designation, is quite popular for the automaker.

 According to Mr. Harrison, Toyota sells 100,000 copies of the Aygo model per year, and the company sees untapped potential in this model, as other companies are gradually leaving this market segment. Harrison told the publication that Toyota sees “an opportunity to move on, rather than lose ground.” Although the presentation of the next generation Aygo is still a few years old, it seems Toyota already has grandiose plans for a tiny subcompact.

 When the third-generation Aygo debuts, which most likely will not happen until 2021 or 2022, the machine may abandon its traditional style of the body of a small car. Instead, some “off-road” features that would make it look like a crossover, such as a raised suspension and plastic cladding, could appear in the appearance of the model. However, one area that may prove difficult for the future of Aygo is the installation of an electric power plant in a small car.

 Toyota plans to sell a million electric cars by 2025, and there are hardly any electric Aygo in these grandiose plans. Harrison admitted that there is as yet no profitable business case for a small electric car.