Toyota will build the fourth hybrid battery plant in China

Toyota will build the fourth hybrid battery plant in China

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is estimated that the plant’s capacity will reach one hundred thousand batteries within a year.

It is reported that a subsidiary of Toyota Motor will undertake this event. This is due to the fact that the Beijing leadership is increasing government incentives for cars with low emissions.

The carmaker plans to complete the construction of the plant by 2021. It will have a major impact on battery production in China as a whole, raising this figure to four hundred thousand units.

Primearth EV Energy produces nickel-metal hybrid batteries for hybrids in a factory located in Jiangsu. Over the next year, it is planned to open two more major plants. 80% of PEVE is owned by Toyota, and the remaining 20% ​​is controlled by Panasonic.

Beijing has the most positive attitude towards modern environmentally friendly vehicles, which it calls new energy means. These include electric cars and hydrogen cars. At the same time, gasoline-electric hybrids do not belong to the aforementioned category, therefore the attitude of the authorities to such cars is not at the highest level.

Toyota Prius, which entered the car market back in 1997, is the most popular hybrid on the planet. Hybrids are much easier to get on sale and win new customers, because such cars do not need a separate infrastructure such as charging stations or hydrogen refueling.

Toyota auto concern itself believes that in the future, the car market will belong to hydrogen vehicles, and at the moment relies on the creation of electric cars.