Toyota was ordered to pay $ 242 million for one accident

Toyota was ordered to pay $ 242 million for one accident

August 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Passengers of the car were injured due to a defect in the seats

In Texas, the jury ordered Toyota to pay compensation to the family that had an accident on the Lexus ES300 sedan.

The accident happened in 2016: another car crashed into the 2002 car of the release. As a result, the passengers of the Lexus, among whom there were two children, were seriously injured.

Family lawyers believed that the cause of the injuries was the wrong design of the backs of the front seats. According to the plaintiffs, Toyota was aware of this defect, but did not take steps to rectify it.

The jury sided with the victims: by a court decision, Toyota is obliged to reimburse the family for medical treatment and moral damage – one hundred million dollars. But the company’s total losses will be higher due to fines: in total, Toyota will pay $ 242 million.

Representatives of Toyota said that they respect the decision of the jury, but the injuries were the result of several factors at once, and not a lack of design of the car.