Toyota unveils the first crossover in the Crown family

Toyota unveils the first crossover in the Crown family

April 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Motor finally decided to change the paradigm of the legendary Crown model.

If until now, without exception, all Crawn, starting with the first model in 1955, were rear-wheel drive sedans, now there is also a crossover, and on a platform with front-wheel drive and a transverse motor. The PRC presented the Crown Kluger, which is a modification of the Highlander of the current generation XU70.

Visually, the Crown Kluger completely copies the Highlander XSE in the sports body kit for the US market. Only the front emblem is different: the new item uses the traditional Crown logo in the form of a crown. None of this comes as a surprise thanks to the leaks.

There are no technical differences. Like the regular Highlander in China, the Crown Kluger is powered by a hybrid powertrain based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. The total power of the tandem is 192 hp.

only the three-row layout of the seven-seater saloon is revised. The interior is also copied from the American Highlander XSE, this even applies to the contrasting red and black trim.

Fun fact: Toyota has already patented the Crown Kluger in Russia. The title of protection was issued in March. Initially, it was assumed that this is a sports version of the Highlander crossover, but in the black and white images it is noticeable that a trapezoidal emblem is installed on the radiator grill (its drawing itself is absent), so that the title of protection refers specifically to the Crown Kluger.

However, such a Crawn is unlikely to be officially delivered to our country: the novelty was created specifically for the Chinese market.

The Highlander and Crown Kluger in China will be produced in parallel: the first model is now being produced by the GAC Toyota joint venture, and the production of the second will be undertaken by FAW Toyota. Prices have not yet been announced.