Toyota unveils Proace electric van

Toyota unveils Proace electric van

May 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric version of Toyota Proace combines the three previously presented PSA electric vans. In terms of technology, this is no longer a surprise.

The PSA’s new “electric party” began with the presentation of the all-electric version of the Opel Vivaro, followed by the Citroën e-Jumpy and Peugeot e-Expert. However, since 2016, Toyota Proace has also moved to the same PSA base, and, as expected, now the Japanese van has also received an electric power plant.

Like its coplatform brothers, Proace Electric receives an 136-hp electric motor that can receive power from two different battery packs. A 50 kWh battery ensures that Toyota reaches 230 km on a single battery charge, while in the 75 kWh version, mileage will be 330 km. In both cases, the maximum torque is 260 Nm, and the maximum speed is limited to 130 km / h. A trailer weighing 1000 kg (with brakes) can be hung on a tow hitch.

Using a 100 kW fast charger, Proace Electric can charge 80% in 30–45 minutes. Using a conventional three-phase charger, you can recharge the battery for an electric range of 100 km within 2 hours.

Proace Electric is available in various sizes: compact, working, long working, two-seater cab and truck. The luggage space in these versions varies from 4.6 cubic meters (compact) to a maximum of 6.6 cubic meters (long working). The Proace electric van can be used for several purposes: as a “loading” of municipal employees or as a mini-truck for delivering parcels.

The Shuttle version, which can carry nine passengers as standard, is expected in early 2021. This modification comes with a battery with a larger capacity of 75 kWh and is able to cover 300 km through the WLTP cycle.

The first copies of the all-electric Toyota Proace van will appear at dealerships in October this year. According to the publication, order books open immediately, price lists will be officially announced later.