Toyota Tundra pickup has become a mobile pizzeria

Toyota Tundra pickup has become a mobile pizzeria

October 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Concept Toyota Tundra PIE Pro equipped with a hydrogen power plant and self-contained kitchen

Toyota’s autosport tech center, Nachi Robotic Systems, and Pizza Hut from Plano, Texas, have turned the Tundra pickup into a mobile pizzeria. The conceptual Tundra PIE Pro was equipped with a power unit from the Mirai hydrogen sedan and an autonomous kitchen with two robot manipulators.

The basis of the project was the serial Tundra SR5, which was disassembled to the chassis and reassembled, simultaneously replacing the gasoline engine (4.6 V8) with an electric drive powered by hydrogen fuel cells. “The impact on the nature of such a car is minimal,” – the company said. “The only by-products are water vapor and delicious pizza.”

Two robot manipulators are responsible for its preparation, which, together with a refrigerator and a portable high-efficiency conveyor oven, are installed in the cargo platform. Autonomous kitchen is powered by the same hydrogen plant.

The first robot takes the pizza out of the fridge and places it in the oven. The second one takes out the finished pizza, cuts it into six identical pieces, packs it in a cardboard box and transfers it to the customer who is waiting near the car. The whole process takes six to seven minutes.

Last October, Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division presented its implementation of the kitchen on wheels. Especially for the chef and TV presenter Jamie Oliver Discovery SUV was equipped with a slow cooker, retractable dining table and devices for making ice cream and whipping butter.