Toyota to begin testing fuel cell trucks

Toyota to begin testing fuel cell trucks

October 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The tests will be carried out in cooperation with the American company Hino and may begin as early as 2022.

Toyota’s US division is working with Hino to begin testing heavy fuel cell trucks. The first tests should begin in the spring of 2022 – thus, the operation of such machines may begin earlier than planned.

Rather stringent requirements are applied to heavy duty electric vehicles – they must have a high carrying capacity and, at the same time, a large power reserve, and it is rather difficult to combine these two parameters.

To solve this problem, fuel cells are used that run on hydrogen with a high density. According to preliminary calculations, the power reserve can reach 600 kilometers without additional charging.

If tests prove these characteristics, it could be a real breakthrough.
In this case, it will be possible to obtain not only efficient vehicles, but also to practically reduce environmental pollution to zero.