Toyota takes steps to meet its future electric vehicle

Toyota takes steps to meet its future electric vehicle

February 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The executive director of Electrify America, Giovanni Palazzo, showed a list of new electric cars expected in the next four years. According to this document, the mysterious Toyota EV will appear in 2021.

The Japanese company Toyota is not even planning to develop its electric cars. At a recent event in Los Angeles, the guys from the company Electrify America, which owns and operates a network of charging electric vehicles in the United States showed a slide, according to which in 2021 Toyota EV will be shown.

  It’s no secret that Toyota and Panasonic are creating a joint venture to develop and manufacture high-capacity batteries. Toyota will own 51% of the shares. After creating a joint venture, control of the five existing plants Panasonic will be transferred to the new company.

10 years ago, the Toyota brand introduced the concept electric FT-EV with a range of 80 km. I note that Panasonic has long been the only supplier of batteries for many well-known automakers.

More importantly, this is how a Japanese car brand can become a manufacturer of truly affordable electric cars – this is what many of the world’s leading publications say. By the way, here’s a curious fact for you – Toyota and Tesla collaborated during 2012–2014, as a result of the partnership the RAV4 EV crossover was to be presented. But unfortunately the partnership is abruptly cut off.

  Toyota continues to be quite skeptical of electric vehicles. Jim Lentz, president of Toyota in North America, said last week: “We are unlikely to be developing such models in the near future. Their revolutionary role in the automotive industry is too overvalued. ”

Not so long ago, we wrote about the Toyota Supra Concept TRD, which is a more powerful version of the new Supra from the brand’s atelier.