Toyota Supra with Tesla filling in development

Toyota Supra with Tesla filling in development

November 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American collector of Japanese sports cars is working on a custom A80 generation Toyota Supra – equipped with a Tesla Model S electric vehicle.

Not so long ago, the enthusiast showed on his Instagram page the first delivered elements of the new Supra power unit. This is a Model S rear motor in a P100D version complete with subframe, suspension and brakes, and a 90-kilowatt battery.

For the project, a fan of Japanese cars bought a coupe with a roll cage, but without a motor. In one of his early descriptions of his plans, he emphasized that many Supra fans would certainly be against the idea, while many fast and iconic Supras with 2JZ motors are currently being built – in addition to this, he already has one.

He said he wanted to build a road-legal vehicle, but with an emphasis on track applications and the ability to travel the classic drag distance (402 meters) in eight seconds. For comparison’s sake, the Model S P100D takes over 10 seconds to complete this exercise.