Toyota Supra: the first live photo appeared on the Web

Toyota Supra: the first live photo appeared on the Web

December 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews
Toyota Supra

Thanks to the spy photo there was an opportunity for the first time to look at the serial version of the revived Toyota Supra sports coupe. Unfortunately, the photo shows only the front.

A photo showing the front of the revived model appeared on the forum dedicated to the model Toyota Supra. In the photo we can see the serial version, which received common features of the concept, but with smoother lines. Moreover, the last renders were quite close to the original.

The sharp features of the front end were significantly relaxed, the front optics became much larger, but retained the previously shown image, and the hood lost a transparent panel showing the power unit. The side air intakes do not seem to have changed, and it looks like they were left from the forerunner of the FT-1 concept. The only thing that is not clear is where is the space under the license plate?

 If you look a little further, you can see the roof with the original shape, which differs by a notch in the center. Mirrors are not visible, but their bodies are painted black. Unfortunately, more details are not visible in the photo, and we hope that the back of the car will look more like a concept. But given that the front has been greatly simplified – this should be expected from the rear.

The debut of new items will be held in January 2019 as part of the Detroit Automobile Salon. Next year, sales will begin.

Meanwhile, Toyota again showed Supru, but only for the track. The car is different and design and technical stuffing.