Toyota Supra 2020 looks very cool in tuning from the studio Manhart

Toyota Supra 2020 looks very cool in tuning from the studio Manhart

April 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning company Manhart introduced its “package” of upgrades for the Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra 2020 model year. The car received a modified appearance and 450 hp. power.

BMW and Toyota have joined forces to produce two new cars on the same base – the Z4 roadster and the Supra coupe, these cars are equipped, in fact, with one engine and have many common components. Manhart released his update for the Bavarian Z4 last year, increasing its engine power to 440 horsepower. Today, the tuning company announced that a similar “package” is available for the Japanese Supra – in this case, the power will be increased to 450 hp.

 The Supra GR 450 – so they decided to call the car, the torque has also increased significantly and now amounts to 650 Nm. It is worth noting that the standard Supra has a 340-horsepower engine, the moment of which is 500 Nm. Manhart decided not to change the original 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine – but still he equipped it with his MHTronix MHtronik Powerbox electronic engine control unit as well as a “stainless steel rear silencer with valve control”.

 Manhart installed H & R shortened springs on the Japanese coupe, as well as the KW Variant suspension. Visual enhancements include red accent lines and stripes on the bodywork.

Wheels of 9 by 20 inches are located in front, while large wheels of 10.5 by 20 inches are located in the rear. Diamond rims come with diamond polish, but they are also available in black or matte black. The company also offers a solution for those who want to remove a catalytic converter, and also offers owners the ability to deactivate automatic engine stop / start.

 The modernization of Manhart gives the already bold and sporty Supra even more elegance on the road, especially with additional red accents. Prices for various updates will be announced only when you personally contact the company.