Toyota Supra 2020 debuts today in Detroit

Toyota Supra 2020 debuts today in Detroit

January 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Finally, the guys from the Japanese brand Toyota will officially introduce us to a new generation of the sports coupe Supra 2020 model year. The live broadcast will take place at the Detroit Auto Show and will start in 5 hours.

To say that the new generation of the Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra (in-house index A90) is one of the most long-awaited innovations in 2019 is perhaps to say nothing. We already saw everything that seemed possible – this car was shown in full, but only in camouflage film, the derivatives of this car were shown. But his official presentation will take place only today in a few hours at the Detroit Auto Show.

In fact, much is already known about the Japanese novelty, which is built on the same basis as the new version of the BMW Z4 Roadster. But still, we crave to see the car live.

While the Supra will be produced in the coupe version, the guys from Toyota do not exclude the possibility of the appearance of an open top performance (convertible or roadster). We also know that, although an automatic transmission will be installed in all left-hand drive cars, people living in right-hand drive countries can get Supra with a manual transmission.

In the future, the hardcore Supra GRMN will be introduced, which is likely to have a more powerful engine. Under the hood, a new generation Toyota Supra will have a 6-cylinder 3.0-liter BMW unit – they will equip the updated Z4 roadster with it. Back in July 2018, the chief engineer of the Supra announced plans to create a 4-cylinder engine that would provide “much better weight distribution.”