Toyota stopped the tests of unmanned vehicles

Toyota stopped the tests of unmanned vehicles

March 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota has decided to suspend the testing of its unmanned vehicles in the US. This happened after a fatal accident, in which the autonomous machine Uber fell, reports Dallas News. The Japanese brand is testing its drones in Michigan and California.

“As we understand that this tragedy can have an emotional impact on our testers. Toyota decided to temporarily suspend the tests of unmanned technologies on public roads, “the company explained.

Representatives of Toyota say that to create a safe autopilot requires “billions of kilometers” of testing, some of which will be passed in the mode of computer simulation, and some – on public roads. At the same time, the company stressed that they also need a special testing ground, where it will be possible to simulate the most extreme traffic situations. The test track will be built in the southeast of Michigan. The Japanese automaker is investing in the creation of a unique route of five million dollars.

Investigation of a fatal crash with the participation of Uber is still ongoing. The tragedy occurred in the city of Tempe near the pedestrian crossing. Uber’s unmanned vehicle killed a female cyclist to death. At the time of the accident, the machine moved off-line. This is the first recorded case of human death as a result of a collision of an unmanned vehicle.

At the moment, the local police did not find the fault of the drone in the accident. According to law enforcement authorities, the Volvo car was moving autonomously at a speed of 61 km / h. The woman suddenly jumped on t