Toyota spoke about the difficulties that prevent the release of a turbo version of the GT86

Toyota spoke about the difficulties that prevent the release of a turbo version of the GT86

March 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the Australian portal Caradvice, this situation is not due to the fact that the company allegedly ignores the requests of fans. As Tetsuya Tada, the chief project engineer of the GT86 and the new Supra, told our foreign colleagues during the Geneva motor show that in order to install a turbine in the GT86, Toyota will essentially have to design a new car.

According to him, the current platform for the GT86 was designed exclusively for the lightweight atmospheric engine, and the turbocharger will redistribute the weight of the car towards the front of the car, which will significantly harm the coupe’s ability to turn.

Toyota GT86 is often criticized because of the relatively low power of its two-liter atmospheric engine with the 4U-GSE index, which develops just over 200 horsepower, which is why the coupe loses in the acceleration dynamics to front-wheel drive hot-hatches. Although in defense of this engine, one must immediately say that in modern conditions, when environmental standards force automakers to “choke” engines, “removing” 100 horsepower from a liter of volume is not so easy. In addition, this motor has a high compression ratio of 12.5: 1, which indicates its economy.

Turbocharging, or at least a compressor, without any doubt would make this car much more interesting. Many fans expected that this version will not take long to wait, as Toyota actively develops the daughter brand Gazoo Racing, under the nameplate of which “charged” models are sold. Gazoo did present a charged version of the GT86 for the home market, but improvements were made to the brakes, suspension, exhaust system and interior, but not the engine.

Last year, Subaru introduced the twin brother GT86 – the BRZ coupe with the STI nameplate, but he did not receive any increase in power.