Toyota sold 10 million Land Cruiser

Toyota sold 10 million Land Cruiser

September 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The release of the Toyota Land Cruiser model took place on August 1, 1951, since then more than 10 million SUVs have been sold. Thus, the legendary Land Cruiser has become the most popular Toyota car in the history of the brand.

The volume of Toyota Land Cruiser in the car markets of other countries increased slowly: everything started with 100 copies, 10,000 (in 1965) and 400,000 at present continued.

The Japanese corporation is proud of the reliability of the model and gives examples as examples, and now they continue to regularly perform their own tasks, despite their considerable age.

 You can get acquainted with such Land Cruiser, which until now have served faithfully to their owners, on a special promotional site developed by the Japanese brand in honor of the jubilee 10 millionth SUV sold.

Land Cruiser has made quite a significant contribution to increasing confidence in the Toyota brand worldwide. In the future, to continue to meet the expectations of motorists, Land Cruiser will create, provided that the SUV will operate in all parts of the world. To this end, Toyota is going to apply even more stringent quality standards to create a truly unique car.