Toyota showed the new generation Mirai hydrogen sedan

Toyota showed the new generation Mirai hydrogen sedan

October 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese corporation Toyota demonstrated the new generation of the hydrogen model Mirai. The world debut of the new items will be held at the Tokyo Auto Show. An electric fuel-powered electric car (FCEV) was built on a new architecture, and it also got a different design and added in dimensions.

As noted in the Japanese corporation, they would like customers to opt for Mirai both for environmental friendliness and for the combination of all qualities. At the heart of the news is the rear-wheel drive platform TNGA-N. Due to this architecture, the sedan has become longer, wider and lower. In comparison with the first generation, the wheelbase has increased by 140 mm and now amounts to 2,920 mm, and the Mirai itself has become 85 mm longer (4975 mm), 70 mm wider (1885 mm) and 65 mm lower (1470 mm).

In general, the appearance of the model has become more emotional and dynamic – the new Mirai received some merry-like features in the exterior. The car body is painted in an absolutely new shade, which no other model of the Japanese brand has. Moreover, the paint is applied in several layers. Also, the novelty was equipped with 20-inch wheels.

The manufacturer also refreshed the interior. The main display with the dashboard is now located not in the central part, but in front of the driver, and for the multimedia complex a 12.3-inch touch screen is used. The new architecture made it possible to make a cabin designed for 5 people, more spacious and quieter.

At the Tokyo auto show, the hydrogen sedan will be shown as a prototype, in other words, the manufacturer will not unveil the technical specifications. Currently, it is only known that a new electrochemical generator will be used, and the range will increase by 30% – in particular, due to the fact that the supply of hydrogen on board will increase.

The novelty will become more dynamic, and a lower center of gravity and a rigid body should contribute to improved handling. The mass version of the second-generation Mirai model is due out in late 2020.