Toyota shocked at CES 2020: the company will build an autonomous city

Toyota shocked at CES 2020: the company will build an autonomous city

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The concept of the future city involves the use of environmental materials, and electricity from renewable sources. The area will be 175 acres (0.7 sq. Km).

Many car manufacturers were represented at CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. All of them showed their concepts or new technologies, as well as their own electronics. But only Toyota came to the exhibition with the concept of its own city.

Woven City, the prototype city, will occupy 70 hectares and will be a “fully connected hydrogen fuel cell ecosystem.” The city is also regarded as a “living laboratory” where researchers will live and work. They will work on projects for fully unmanned vehicles, robotics, personal vehicles, artificial intelligence and smart homes.

 The city’s project is being handled by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who is the CEO of the Bjarke Ingels Group. This company has worked on a number of high-profile projects, including Google Mountain View and 2 World Trade Center in New York.

 The city will be environmentally friendly, as the buildings will be constructed primarily from wood to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. Buildings will also be equipped with solar panels to generate electricity to help generate hydrogen fuel cells.

Toyota plans to start operations in 2021, and the city will be populated by employees and their families, as well as retirees, scientists and industry partners. The company expects that in the beginning there will be about 2,000 inhabitants, but as the project develops, the number of people will increase.